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Be Aware of FACTA Shredding Rules

Whether you are an employee of a company that has shred-able documents, or you own a business and are in charge of its files, you should be aware of the FACTA shredding rules. These rules are designed to protect your personal data and the environment....

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Shredding is a Great Way to get Clean

When looking for a shredder, make sure to consider how much paper you're shredding. Most machines have different capacities. Some are designed to shred long vertical pieces while others add horizontal cuts. Another option is a micro-cut machine, which rips...

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3 Great Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! It’s a day to celebrate our beautiful green planet and to come together to protect it. At Lemay Shredding, taking care of the environment is a top priority. That’s why all shredded paper is 100% properly recycled, keeping it out of landfills and...

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