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At Lemay it’s our goal to help you keep private information private. Some people or businesses don’t need to shred too often. For for other homes and businesses, shredding can be a weekly or monthly occurrence. That’s why we at Lemay offer regular scheduled container services!

Protecting information

These days, identity thieves are everywhere. If documents or other informational devices get tossed in the trash, they can easily fall into the wrong hands. Identity thieves can use information like phone numbers, names, addresses, and more to steal your identity and put your security at risk. The risk for identity theft is especially high if you’re consistently throwing out documents with sensitive information in them.

Medical offices, law practices, service buildings, and other businesses that are required to store people’s personal information for record keeping and medical reasons are particularly at risk. In most cases, data on patients or clients is stored for a certain amount of time. But eventually, that information becomes obsolete and needs to be discarded.

In accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, medical documents containing patient’s health information must be destroyed in a way that renders that data untraceable. Likewise, other businesses are legally obligated to ensure that their clients data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

While hand-shredding documents can be an attractive option to cut costs, it’s ultimately time consuming and unsustainable.

Why opt for scheduled container service

At Lemay, we offer scheduled container service that take the pressure off you.When you opt for scheduled container service with Lemay, you will be provided with a lockable container free of charge to keep your documents secure until your next service date. This helps ensure your documents don’t fall into the wrong hands between leaving your desk and entering our shredding truck. There are so many reasons to opt for scheduled container service.

  1. It’s convenient. Scheduled container service with Lemay can help businesses protect client information without going through the hassle of shredding it themselves. You can opt for weekly shredding services, or schedule for every other month. 
  2. It’s secure. Our lockable container ensures that no one can access your information between service dates, and our mobile shredding truck renders information completely un-useable.
  3. It’s NAID certified and HIPAA compliant. All of our personnel who come to your office are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. And, Lemay Mobile Shredding is 100% HIPAA compliant, meaning that if you’re a healthcare provider, you can safety dispose of documents containing patient’s medical information such as x-rays.
  4. It’s flexible. We offer convenient scheduling options to work with your company’s schedule. Our personnel are friendly, professional, and fast. We’ll be in and out in no time.

On your scheduled service day a NAID certified Lemay team member will arrive with one of our shredding trucks and destroy your documents onsite. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of destruction officiating the destruction of your documents.

We offer a range of container options to accommodate for the volume of service you’ll need ranging from small consoles to 95 gallon containers.
If you’re interested in scheduled container service with Lemay Mobile Shredding, contact us to get started.


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