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When it comes to disposing of old hard drives, professional hard drive shredding is critical to keeping old information safe. No matter your reason for wanting to destroy your hard drive, it’s no secret that doing is more complicated than throwing out that old lamp or an old shoes. Hard drives can contain a plethora of private personal or professional information. When you get rid of one, you want to ensure that that information stays classified and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. But how do you actually go about destroying one safely and effectively.

The Risks of Destroying Your Own Drive

It might seem easy to destroy your hard drive. After all, as long as it looks broken, it is, right?


There are several important things to consider in order to safely destroy your hard drive.

Manners of destruction like taking a sledge hammer or even a gun to your hard drive may seem like fun ways to go about destroying your data trail, but they are extremely ineffective. This is because most of the data plate is still left in tact, allowing for large portions of your data to be extracted from the files within. If your discarded driver(s) were to fall into the wrong hands, they could easily access all of your untouched your information.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that hard drives often contain certain metal that are toxic for humans. Trying to dismantle a hard drive on your own can pose serious health risks. It is not only ineffective, but dangerous for you and your employees.

Shredding is also an ineffective means of destruction. Unfortunately, there is not always a guarantee that shredding your hard drive will be 100% effective in destroying your data. Even though your hard drive may seem thoroughly destroyed, there is still risk. There’s no guarantee that the particles are ground small enough to completely erase your data.

Hard Drive Shredding With Lemay

When you shred with Lemay Mobile Shredding, you can rest assured that your information is properly destroyed. This video can give you a taste of what goes into the process. Our services make the disposal of hard drives easy.  There are no health risks to you or your employees, as we take care of the toxic destruction process instead. Our on-site truck crushes drives into shards, ensuring your information is thoroughly destroyed.

For more information on our hard drive shredding, visit our Hard Drive Shredding page.


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