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Converting from Paper to Digital Records 
If you’re switching from paper to an electronic filing system, then you’re going to have plenty of personal records and info taking up space after scanning. Shredding a lot of documents may take a lot of time and it’s possible that you don’t have the shredder that is capable of handling the load as fast as you’d like. 
Lemay Mobile Shredding has mobile shredders that may come to your organization and update documents on site. When we’re done, your records will be a confetti that we’ll make sure gets recycled. You’ll be simply amazed by just how much more organized and clean your company is when we’re done. 
Getting Rid of Paper Means Room for Expansion 
In several cases, a business could have paper records they’re wasting a lot of of space which might be used for growth and increased profitability. Why fill up space only to keep records when you don’t need them anymore? With office space at a lower space, it’s worthwhile to eliminate waste whenever possible. 
Some Paper Is Necessary 
Even in the most well designed and organized offices, there might be times when paper or documents are required to use. For these kinds of work, Lemay Mobile Shredding provides containers that you could drop off or we may pick up and shred for you. That is a fantastic solution for those who have shredding requirements but want to ensure the greatest privacy and security of their business and client records. 
Ensures Client Trust 
A breach of client confidentiality might lead to lost business and trust problems which may be difficult or even impossible to recover from. This often depends upon the severity of the info leak, but it’s never a situation you want to find yourself in with a client. Shredding documents as soon as you’re done with them can decrease the potential risk of info slipping into the wrong hands.
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