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 Without exception, recycling is the top stock company could do to improve: the environment, the economy and prevent waste from going into the oceans. Recycling is in a catastrophe in the U.S. Because of public confusion about recycling. U.S. Recycling levels are currently 21.4%. When U.S.Recycling levels reach 75% it is going to be the ecological and CO2 equal of eliminating 55 million vehicles from the U.S.
Roads every year. When U.S. Recycling levels reach 75% it’ll create 1.5 million new jobs in the U.S. Manufacturers need these materials back to reuse in their production, but they are not able to reuse materials in case folks don’t muster right. The non-profit standardized label mission would be the .1 solution to help society start to recycle right and for that reason, help recycling start to flourish.


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