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Outsourcing shredding services saves you time, money, and manpower. But when it comes to shredding companies, not all companies are created equal. When you begin looking for a shredding company for your business or office space it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing a company that’s both professional and trustworthy. Destruction of sensitive documents is a serious matter; it’s important to have a company that you trust to secure disposal of confidential materials. 

It’s important to know what things to look for in your shredding company. To help, we’ve compiled this list to help you know if you’ve found the right shredding service for your office or business.

Things to Look for in Your Shredding Company 

Secured containers

It’s important that any documents or other materials up for destruction are stored and destroyed in a secure container. This ensures that no one can tamper with or steal information while that information awaits destruction. 

Quality shredding companies will provide secure containers to store documents. When staff come to collect documents and other materials, the contents of these secured containers are then placed directly into an equally secure shredding truck. Here, documents, hard drives, and other media are destroyed, rendering the information they once contained untraceable. 

NAID AAA Certified Staff

NAID stands for the Nation Association of Information Destruction. NAID AAA Certification is the gold standard for information destruction. Any shredding company worth its salt will have all shredding employees be certified by NAID to ensure professional, secure destruction of information. 

Certificate of Destruction

Once shredding is complete a good shredding company will present a certificate of destruction. This document certifies the complete destruction of the items and information destroyed. This report can be kept in your records and can be referred back to to prove proper and complete destruction. 

HIPAA Compliance

If you’re a medical imaging or healthcare facility, it’s important that the way in which you discard patient information is in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. X-rays and medical documents cannot be simply dropped in the trash. These documents must be disposed of properly. Making sure that your shredding company is HIPAA compliant is key to protecting your patients information and your company from lawsuits. 

Eco-friendly Shredding Practices 

Especially in this day and age it’s important to make sure that the shredding company you work with is eco-friendly in its practices. X-rays contain toxic levels of silver that can be detrimental to the environment. Lemay shredding ensures proper, environmentally-friendly destruction of x-rays and recycles 100% of documents shredded. 

Mixed-media shredding

Another one of the things to look for in your shredding company is versatility. Sometimes you’ll need documents to be shredded. But other times, you may have other items that need to be professional destroyed, too. A good shredding company will provide a range of services and mediums they service. At Lemay, we shred the following in addition to paper media:

  • Hard drives
  • Floppy disks
  • USB’s/flash drives
  • Textiles
  • Medicine bottles
  • X-rays and medical imaging

And more. 


A company is only as good as its reputation. A great way to gauge whether a company is worth your time is how they are perceived by their customers and community at large. Lemay shredding has a great reputation as a trustworthy company, and that’s not by change. We work hard to provide reliable, professional, and trustworthy shredding service to our clients and community. 

If you’re interested in outsourcing to Lemay Shredding for professional shredding service, you can request a quote today!

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