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Shredding paper

When looking for a shredder, make sure to consider how much paper you’re shredding. Most machines have different capacities. Some are designed to shred long vertical pieces while others add horizontal cuts. Another option is a micro-cut machine, which rips documents into small pieces. Many industry leading brands offer micro-cut shredders.

Another option is to participate in community shredding events. Some town or city departments partner with an industrial shredding company like LeMay Mobile Shredding to host an event. In this way, the city benefits from free advertising while also helping the community. Businesses also sometimes organize their own community shredding events. A shredding event is an excellent way to spread awareness about how to keep documents and papers safe. Check out our calendar of upcoming free shredding events.

A mobile shredding unit can be used to shred documents for events. It comes complete with a lockable, secure container for confidential documents. Look for the LeMay Mobile Shredding truck these events. Once the shredder is set up, customers can unload their documents into it without any hassle.

Community shredding events can be held in public spaces like parks, schools and community centers. Some community shredding events charge a small fee or donation for shredding, while others are free. However, some organizations have requirements regarding the amount of paper participants can bring to the event. This makes the events super green and environmentally friendly.

If you need a large amount of paper shredded, you may want to consider hiring LeMay Mobile Shredding for routine shredding service. This will not only save you time but ensure that your documents are shredded properly. By hiring a professional shredding company, you can ensure that you are protecting the privacy of your sensitive information. And, since shredding is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of documents, it is a good investment.

In addition to preventing identity theft, shredding is also a good idea for preventing fraud, complying with laws, and protecting your company’s trade secrets. This way, you can avoid any potential legal complications that could arise from a breach of privacy laws.

If you are interested in setting up routine shredding services for your home office or business give LeMay Mobile Shredding a call.


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