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Secure Shredding for Pill Bottles, CDs, Tapes & Garments  

Why secure shredding? Identity theft is rampant, and the numbers are increasing every day. As per research, around 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft in the last five years. Most identity theft occurs as a result of personal information that is thrown away carelessly. Hackers and fraudsters take advantage of this information to access bank accounts, credit card details, and other important personal data.

Identity theft and data breaches are widespread issues in today’s world. Personal information such as credit card numbers, medical records, and social security numbers can easily fall into the wrong hands if not disposed of correctly. Documents containing confidential information are commonly shredded to prevent them from being used for nefarious purposes. However, what happens to items like pill containers, tapes, CDs, and garments that may contain just as much personal information? Enter LeMay Mobile Shredding—experts in secure shredding of any items that can’t simply be tossed in the recycling bin.

The Importance of Shredding

Shredding your sensitive documents like prescription pill bottles, CDs, and tapes is important to prevent identity theft. Even old garments with logos, contact information, and other identifying markings can fall into the wrong hands and be used for nefarious purposes. As a result, it is important to shred these documents thoroughly to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft.

Shredding Pill Bottles

Pill bottles can be a particular concern for those who regularly receive prescription medication. The labels on these bottles contain personal information such as the patient’s name, the name of the medication, the dosage, and so on. With LeMay Mobile Shredding, these containers are shredded entirely, making it impossible for anyone to read the labels.

Shredding CDs and Tapes

CDs and tapes may seem outdated to many, but some individuals and organizations still use them to store important and sometimes confidential information. Shredding these items ensures that the data is destroyed beyond recovery. Additionally, shredding these items not only protects against identity theft but also keeps these items out of landfills, as recycling options for CDs and tapes are limited.

Garment Shredding

Garments might seem like an unusual item to shred, but they too can contain sensitive information. For example, hospital gowns could have patient identification tags sewn into them, which should not end up in the wrong hands. A secure shredding service like LeMay Mobile Shredding takes these garments and shred them in a way that no information can be accessed.

Benefits of LeMay Mobile Shredding

If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to shred your sensitive documents, look no further than LeMay Mobile Shredding. This shredding service provides on-site shredding, eliminating the need for you to transport your documents to a shredding facility. Moreover, the company uses industrial-grade shredders that shred your documents into small, unrecognizable pieces, making it impossible for anyone to piece them back together.

Secure Shredding Solutions

LeMay Mobile Shredding uses a secure chain of custody to ensure your documents are safe and secure throughout the shredding process. Their shredding technicians are trained and certified, and they use advanced technologies to ensure complete destruction of your confidential documents. You can even watch the shredding process and receive a certificate of destruction to ensure that your documents have been properly destroyed.

Environmental Sustainability

In addition to providing secure shredding, LeMay Mobile Shredding is also committed to environmental sustainability. The company recycles all of the shredded material, reducing waste and contributing to a healthy environment.

LeMay Mobile Shredding makes it easy to dispose of sensitive and confidential items like pill bottles, CDs, tapes, and garments in a safe and secure manner. They offer onsite shredding services, meaning you can watch as your items are shredded right before your eyes. Protecting personal information is a priority, and by choosing a reputable shredding service like LeMay, you can be sure that all items are disposed of securely and responsibly. Give us a call today!


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