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A lot of the time when we think of shredding we think of bills, credit card offers, and other papers that have our personal information on them. And while it’s definitely important to make sure that those things end up in the shredder, its just as important to remember that confidential information can be stored in other types of media, too!

Whether you’re a homeowner tidying up your at-home office space or an office space purging client information, you need to keep in mind that there might be data that’s just as confidential medical bill hiding in non-paper media.

Non-paper Media People Forget to Shred

Hard drives

Old hard drives can contain huge amounts of confidential information that identity thieves can steal. Bank statements, pictures, downloads, identity thieves can use all these and more to compromise your identity or put your clients at risk.

Destroying old hard drives containing sensitive information is especially important for companies and firms that keep extensive data on their clients. The key to hard drive shredding is complete destruction. Data can be mined from even a small section of your hard drive. Here at Lemay Shredding we ensure that all storage mechanisms, internal platters, and other parts of your hard drives are rendered 100% destroyed, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your private information stays private. 

Thumb Drives/floppy disks

Whether it was used for old class projects or for huge corporate presentations, thumb drives and floppy disks contain files that thieves can utilize to glean your name, birthday, and other information that they can use.


Though less common in many business settings nowadays, old microfiche slides can also contain sensitive information that should be destroyed properly. 

Microfiche is a thin photo strip of film that is usually used to perverse miniature versions of newspaper entries, journals, records, and other data. 


If you work in an industry that requires a uniform, have you thought of what happens to that garment once it’s run its course? 

It makes sense to think that old garments and uniforms should be thrown out once they’ve been worn too many times. However, throwing old uniforms into the trash may actually pose a security risk. Thieves and intruders may find those garments later and use them to pose as employees or laborers. That’s why it’s important to have uniforms shredded after use. 

The same is true for if you have a work badge or name-tag. Those items should also be shredded, as someone could use your identity to cause a security break at your place of work. 


Under HIPAA, x-rays are considered confidential medical information and therefore must be destroyed in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. It’s also important to dispose of x-rays properly because of the environmental impact that the silver found in x-ray images contain. X-rays can’t simply be shredded and tossed in a landfill. When you opt for x-ray destruction with Lemay Shredding, you opt for complete information destruction while staying environmentally conscious.  

Debit Cards

This one is probably already a given. Still, it’s important to understand that debit cards, credit cards, etc. should never be thrown away. The information on your card can make it easy for an identify thief to call your bank and use your old information to try to gain access to your accounts. 


RX prescriptions, both the ones given by a doctor and the labels on the bottles should never be thrown in the garbage. In many cases, these prescriptions have personal information such as your name, birthday, healthcare provider, etc.. Thieves could take these bottles to try to refill prescriptions, or use this information to steal your identity. 

If you have non-paper media that needs to be shredded, opt for non-paper shredding service with Lemay Shredding. We have a variety of options to suit your needs, including residential shredding, regular container service, and one-time purges.


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