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non-paper media shredding

Whether it’s confidential data stored on hard drives from old computers or digital media like floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, non-paper media shredding is an important step to ensure your information remains secure. In order for organizations to protect themselves from unauthorized access to sensitive information, they must understand how and why non-paper media shredding is essential. LeMay Mobile Shredding is National Association of Information Destruction Certified (NAID).

The Need for Non-Paper Media Shredding

Data breaches are becoming more frequent as technological advances continue to make storing and accessing data easier. Identity theft and other forms of cybercrime can have devastating effects on individuals, businesses, and governments alike. That’s why it’s so important to understand the need for non-paper media shredding.

LeMay Mobile Shredding destroys non-paper media that can contain a huge amount of sensitive information that could be used by malicious actors if it were not securely destroyed. It’s important to remember that simply deleting files or reformatting a hard drive does not actually erase the data—it only makes it inaccessible from the operating system. To ensure the security of your data, you must use specialized equipment that physically destroys the storage devices in question. This process is known as physical destruction or non-paper media shredding.

How Does Non-Paper Media Shredding Work?

Non-paper media shredding works by using industrial grade machinery such as crushers or granulators to completely destroy any type of storage device that contains sensitive information. The shredded material is then recycled in accordance with local regulations. Once the destruction process is complete, there is no way for anyone to access the sensitive data stored on those devices ever again—ensuring that your organization stays safe from potential cyber threats.

Shredding is an essential part of keeping your organization’s confidential information out of harm’s way. By understanding what non-paper media shredding entails and how it works, organizations can better protect themselves from potential cyber threats while also adhering to industry regulations regarding the disposal of confidential materials. To ensure maximum security, organizations should always make sure they are working with a reliable provider who specializes in non-paper media destruction services like LeMay Mobile Shredding. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your confidential materials are being safely disposed of without any risk of unauthorized access.

If you or your business is looking for a safe reputable company to destroy sensitive papers, hard drives, electronics or other storage mechanisms, give the experts at LeMay Mobile Shredding a call.


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