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Today is Earth Day!

It’s a day to celebrate our beautiful green planet and to come together to protect it. At Lemay Shredding, taking care of the environment is a top priority. That’s why all shredded paper is 100% properly recycled, keeping it out of landfills and letting it get reused the way it should. 

We also partner in keeping our environment clean by providing x-ray and medical imaging shredding services. X-ray images contain high levels of silver, which can have disastrous effects on septic systems and contaminate garbage, making it extremely toxic for the environment. At Lemay we offer safe shredding, ensuring that x-rays and MRI films are disposed of safely and in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. 

There are plenty of ways for you to participate today and everyday in protecting our planet. 

1. Volunteer

There are tons of great organizations to partner with that provide environmental relief. Beach cleanups, work parties, and trash clean-ups are just some of the types of events that organizations host to help keep our beaches, streets, and parks clean. 

If you’re in Tacoma for a way to get connected with local volunteer opportunities visit Earth Day South Sound 2022

For our friends farther north, the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) will be hosting an Earth Day work party in Birch Bay tomorrow, April 23, from 9am – 12pm. Find more information and sign up here

You can find tons of other ways to get involved by searching Earth Day events in Facebook or on any search engine. 

2. Reduce Waste

Another way to commit to the planet every day is by reducing waste. Pay attention to the amount of plastic certain items have and try to make environmentally-conscious decisions. Invest in quality items when you can that will last for longer. This can go for clothes, shoes, furniture, and other things we buy every day.

3. Recycle

Between 2017 and 2018, less than 9% of plastic generated in the U.S. (EPA). was actually recycled. Unfortunately, a large percentage of plastic produced these is too complex to be recycled in a way that would be more cost effective for plastic companies to just make more plastic. 

While it’s still important to recycle, a great way to be environmentally-conscious is to look for alternative packaging. Look for packaging that’s paper or cardboard and utilizes as little plastic as possible. Paper is much easier to break down and recycle than plastic and much more environmentally-friendly to make. 

Happy Earth day! We hope you have a great time getting outside and committing to our planet. 


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