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In any business, secure classified document shredding is important for privacy and security. And when the military is involved, it’s essential.

When we think of the military, many times we think of boot camp, long deployments, and national pride. However, there is more paperwork involved with the armed forces than you may think. The Department of Defense (DoD) handles classified documents every day. Papers with names and information about our troops are kept on file in offices or cabinets. Military plans, information, and other classified documents are secure in vaults or safes. The information in these documents is vital to operations.

But what happens when those files are no longer useful?

To maintain military confidentiality it is vital to dispose of information safely. When it comes to choosing a shredding service, it’s important to choose one that’s up to standard.

You may find it necessary to discard confidential information or old files that have been digitized. When you do, it s useful to have reliable external agency you can trust.

Classified Document Shredding with Lemay

For military bases we offer high security shredding services to dispose of any classified documents. Our high security shredding truck meets CIA and military standards for shredding classified documents. The driver within effectively pulverizes documents and files, leaving them completely illegible. This means any classified information within stays classified. Our mobile shredding trucks can come anywhere in the Seattle Tacoma area, from Bremerton all the way to JBLM.

When you shred with us, our NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) certified personnel come to you and destroy documents onsite. NAID is the presiding authority over secure data destruction. Each of our personnel are certified by NAID and experts in information destruction. Once shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction as proof that your documents have been effectively destroyed.

Lemay offers shredding for other types of information too! For digital files, Lemay Mobile Shredding offers hard drive destruction. With these services the information on your hard drive is completely destroyed. With Lemay, classified information stays classified.

If you need a secure way to dispose of classified documents, contact us today!


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