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As a business, you deal with tons of confidential information. Whether a medical office, an office, or a small business, you handle people’s sensitive personal information daily, including bank information, names, addresses, and more. You also have information on your employees, business partners, and other associates of your business. 

When this information becomes irrelevant, you can’t just throw it out into the garbage. Shredding information with a professional shredding company is the ideal option for your business. But why?

4 Reasons to Opt for Professional Shredding Services

1. Protect your information

Opting for professional shredding with Lemay helps to not only protect your employee’s and partners information, but your customers and clients, too. Bank information, names, addresses, and other information can be used by criminals to steal money, identify, and commit other nefarious crimes. 

Working with a professional shredding service that is secure, certified, and trusted helps keep information out of the wrong hands. Our staff are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), meaning that each member of our team is qualified to offer thorough, professional shredding for your business.

2. Protect your Reputation

We’ve all heard of those large corporations that get hacked and leaked thousands of people’s information out into the world. These types of events are often a stain on that company’s reputation that can take years to recover from, if ever. 

Information leaks like this can happen on the smaller-business level as well. Paper that isn’t properly destroyed or hard drives that end up in the wrong hands can be mined for personal information for criminals to use. If your company’s name became associated with such a breach of information, not only would your company’s finances be in jeopardy, your name may be tarnished forever. This type of breach can also severely impact the trust your client base has in your ability to keep their information safe. And if you can’t keep their information safe, then why shouldn’t they go to another business with a better reputation. 

3. Protect the Environment

Not only is professional shredding service with Lemay better for your business, it’s actually better for the environment. 100% of the paper and hard drives shredded with Lemay are recyclable, ensuring that that paper is able to re-enter the system. 

Lemay also provides medical imaging shredding for medical offices. Medical imaging such as x-rays contain toxic levels of silver. If allowed to re-enter the environment, the effects can be devastating. Shredding services with Lemay ensure that client information is destroyed in accordance with HIPAA guidelines and in a way that keeps the environment safe. 

4. Protect Efficiency 

Manual shredding can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of shred. When you and your employees are taking time out of your work day to shred old paperwork, bills, etc., it can hurt your efficiency and productivity. By outsourcing your shredding, you save you and your business time. 

What needs to be shredded?

Immediately when you think of professional shredding service, you may think of bills, client information, and other sensitive paper information. And while these are important things to shred, other media such as hard drives, floppy disks, and USB drives can also store sensitive information that needs to be destroyed properly. 

At Lemay, we offer shredding for:

  • Thumb drives
  • Floppy disks
  • CD/DVDs
  • Prescription bottles 
  • X-rays
  • Textiles
  • Debit/Gift/CC Cards
  • Security clearance badges

And more.

In addition to offering a range of shredding services, we also offer a variety of schedules to suit the needs of your business best. 

From regular container service to one-time purges, Lemay makes it simple and easy to safely destroy your sensitive information. 
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