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We’ll discuss 3 strategies to secure your documents against theft, unauthorized access and changes, and retrieve of your personal documents and images when they’re damaged or lost.

Most of us have important files, photos and videos we protect. A few of those files are stored on our office or home computers, external storage devices, or our cameras and phones. No matter where documents are stored, they need to be first identified to their location, and after that moved to a document protection strategy.

Below you’ll learn about 3 strategies to defend your documents that you can personalize to align with your document security strategy. Backup Your Documents – As you create or download documents on your computer, it’s important to backup these files up on secondary storage device in case your main storage device crashes. This also applies to your own photos and videos stored on the camera’s hard drive disk drive or memory card.

These days, we could save a big number of pictures and hours of videos on our telephones, cameras and pictures. Imagine attempting to get your video documents one day and your camcorder isn’t working after seeing a repair shop. You’ll understand the valuable videos of your children have disappeared or not opening.

The same is true for your documents on the computer. What if your computer crashes and you lose all your documents? This is why you want to back up your document folders. The very best way to back up your documents is to automate the backup process and forget about it.

Buy an external storage device like the Seagate backup desktop, connect it to your pc, and set the parameters to copy the folders on your pc on the selected days and times. The backup frequency which you choose depends upon how you update and get your personal computer folders and documents. 

If you alter or create files set the backup frequency to daily so you get a up daily. PS. Do not forget to download your images and videos from all your apparatus like iPad, iPods, iPhones, cameras and pictures on a regular basis and save them into the backup folders to receive the greatest benefit.

Use secure storage devices – In case you travel and use devices that are external to store and/or backup your documents on the go, ensure you use secure storage device like the Apricorn Aegis encrypted and PIN protected secure drives.

Lastly, Use your papers to be recycled in preserve your data. We protect your papers to make sure nothing can be recovered. It’s important because it can be traced or used against you. check us out for the next time you need to clean up your unused documents.


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